Mentor Endorsements

Udhi Silva, Founder and CEO of Medical Supermarket. Udhi Silva
Mentor to a final year Business Management student.

‘I couldn’t be where I am today without my mentors. One thing I strongly recommend to everyone is that you never have a bad meeting. You will always learn something from someone. I use mentors to help coach me on how I handle situations, to get feedback on the business decisions I make and to make me improve on my communication skills and learn from others.

Having built up my experience of business and work I wanted to give something back to my University’

Full ‘Alumni Testimonial’ and contact details:  Udhi Silva

Zoe Moorton, 2nd Year BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects student and a Mentor to a student on the same course.ZoeMoorton_Photo

‘It can be quite daunting volunteering to become a mentor when you are a student but I would highly recommend the program to students who feel like they can contribute some time and effort.

It isn’t always easy being a student and sometimes it’s just nice when there is someone else who is experiencing similar struggles to support you; and it was nice to act as that support for my Mentee.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Zoe Moorton

Rebecca Hailey, Bucks Alumni, BA (Hons) Music & Live Event Management
Mentor to a 1st year Music Business student.

Rebecca Hailey_Bucks Alumni

‘Mentoring has allowed me to help my Mentee develop as a professional as well as a student. He can now use reference correctly, construct professional emails and knows the ins-and-outs of networking. These things, which may seem small, can have a big impact on both a student’s degree and career afterwards.

From a personal stance, mentoring has reinforced my desire to pursue a career in teaching. My Mentee may not be aware of this, but the pride I have felt in helping him has really encouraged me to believe that I will find a similar sense of accomplishment when teaching, and I will be begin my teacher training in September 2016.

It feels great that both my Mentee and I have gained so much from the mentoring experience.’

Rebecca Hailey LinkedIn

Saope Soko, Bucks Alumni, LLB (Hons) Law, LLM International Commercial Law.
Mentor to a 2nd year LLB (Hons) Law student.Saope Soko LLB, LLM

‘Becoming a mentor is an opportunity to do something amazing and helpful for undergraduates. Graduates often have the best understanding of what it is like to be in a difficult position; perhaps struggling to settle into university or meet their desired grades. Being a mentor offers you the chance to offer assistance and advice to those who need it, as you have done it yourself and come through the experience successfully.

During this academic year my Mentee and I have focused on the developments of the course as well as the university experience, alongside enhancing skills required within the legal sector and knowledge of the legal profession in general.’

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Saope Soko LinkedIn

Shoeb Salam, Corporate Finance Analyst.
Mentor to a BA (Hons) Business and Finance 1st year student.

‘The mentoring programme is a fantastic effort to ensure that students are not just gaining an academic qualification but also to planning ahead, learning about networking and getting the right guidance to work with someone who may have gone through a similar process. The mentoring team is very helpful and pro-active, I hope many more students benefit from this in the future.’

Shoeb Salam LinkedIn

Alex Bailey Staines, Motivational Coach at Bailey Staines Coaching

Alex Bailey Staines_Bucks Mentor

‘My role as a coach is to help clients be the best they can be, in both their business and personal lives, by providing a safe and confidential space to explore the issues that are preventing them from being happy and successful, challenging them to make the changes necessary and supporting them though making those changes.

I volunteer to mentor Bucks New University students because I consider that we can all gain great benefit from having someone that can challenge perceptions, provide encouragement and give independent insight. It is extremely rewarding when you can make a difference and help mentees aspire and achieve more than they thought possible, whatever that benchmark may be.

I have had two mentees this year, both mature students. We have worked together to ensure that they understand the validity of staying on track by focussing on desired outcomes. I have provided a sounding board where I have challenged perceptions and encouraged increased participation and interaction with tutors.

I have helped mentees with future planning by supporting and advising on CV writing and job applications, working towards employment in their field of study.’

Alex Bailey Staines LinkedIn

William Lee, Bucks Alumni, BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design.
Mentor to a final year student on the same course.

Job title: Designer.William Lee_Bucks New University Alumni
Company: Giles Miller Studio.
Main responsibilities: Creating bespoke design and art features for high-end commercial and residential projects.

‘Working with some of the world’s more prestigious brands (Hermes, Omega, British Airways, Publicis, Harrods, V&A Museum, Piper-Heidsieck Champagne amongst many others).

Mentoring allowed me to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained since graduating, I feel it is important to offer foresight into the sector you work.

The main focus of our meetings were to discussions how to best prepare for graduation and how to make the work stand out from the crowd. Drawing upon personal experiences I was able offer an insight into what the industry is looking for in a graduate.’

William Lee LinkedIn

Ann Mullard, Bucks Staff and Graduate MA Leadership and Management

‘The process kept me in closer touch with the student experience at Bucks, which is sometimes hard to gain as ‘one of the staff’. I was very interested – and often quite jealous – to hear about the work being covered and the way the course set engaging challenges for participants.’

‘Our conversations about the way we each tackled writing work were always enlightening and I picked up some good tips for my own use along the way.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post: Ann Mullard

Mark Harris, Owner, Enterprise Doctor.
Mentor to a final year Business and Human Resource Management student.

Mark Harris

‘Buckinghamshire New University is my local Uni – I’m based in Marlow Bottom, am pretty fully engaged with the local business community, am a District Councillor with Wycombe District Council and am Chairman of Wycombe Youth Action. To not be involved with Bucks would almost seem strange!

The range of help I’ve given has been broad, including presentation skills, improving a CV, interview skills, raising self-confidence, helping a student narrow down the precise facet of their chosen profession on which to focus’

‘So, what do I get out of it? I get to do what I enjoy doing – imparting a little wisdom, helping young people work out what they want to achieve and how to go about achieving that. The only tangibles I get (apart from free parking and a coffee onsite when I am mentoring!) are a smile and a ‘thank you’, but that’s all I need. If I know I’ve been helpful, the self-satisfaction of that knowledge is what I’m looking for from the relationship.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details:  Mark Harris


Julie Catlow, Bucks staff.
Mentor to final year Event and Festival Management student Jessica Walker.

“Jess approached me for advice on an event she was organising and offered her help at my events – I did not hesitate to mentor such a proactive and dedicated student.

“I have every confidence that without my support Jess would have secured a really good job on graduation, but I am pleased that my introduction to her to employer and coaching throughout her final year helped Jess in some way. I look forward to following her career progression and I know she will be successful whichever path she takes.”

Paul Mott, Business Founder/Director.
Mentor to final year BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology student Jude Windmill.

Mentor-mentee Jude

“Working with Jude Windmill was a hugely rewarding and fulfilling experience.

As someone who studied full-time many years ago, it was enlightening to recall the challenges that students face when making decisions around career direction, applying for jobs, and even where in the world they want to live – something that wasn’t as much a consideration 30 years ago!

Sharing career and life experiences is the most valuable tool that a mentor can give to the student and I feel a real sense of pride to have played a tiny part in Jude’s final year at university and will unquestionably follow her progress with interest in the future.”