Mentee Endorsements

Emma Kendall
Graduated 2016: BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design.
Matched with award winning ‘Class of 2013’ graduate from the same course.

‘I was actually overwhelmed by how positive and helpful the scheme was.Emma Kendall 1

I definitely think all students should utilise this amazing scheme to their advantage, especially since Robert Coldwell is so enthusiastic and positive about helping you, and able to give you direction to what help will suit you even if you aren’t entirely sure yourself!’

‘For me, having a mentor has firstly been amazing to have the opportunity to meet someone I find very inspirational…, and also invaluable to have this external input to my work.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Emma Kendall

Simona HickeySimi Hickey1
Studying: BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult).
Matched with MSc Social Work ‘Class of 2015’ Alumni
Teresa Morris

‘I am being given the encouragement and support I need, and have somebody to talk to when I feel the tasks I’m being given are a bit overwhelming. Teresa and I meet on a monthly basis, with text messages and emails in between and Teresa kindly agreed that I could practice my presentations with her, ask for feedback on my assignments and mainly have her as a moral support. 

If you feel like you are struggling and need somebody to just “be there for you” and need some encouragement and guidance, then having a mentor is the best way forward.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact detailsSimona Hickey

Rafaela Bartley.Rafaela Bartley1
 BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management.
Mentor to a first year student on our BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course.
Mentee to an entrepreneurial business manager.

‘Having a mentor allowed me to develop skills that I would not have had the opportunity to focus on during my final year. As well as focusing on my academic capabilities through assignments and exams, I was able to enhance my interpersonal skills through the mentoring program. I particularly focused on presentation, negotiation and persuasion skills, and they helped me to demonstrate confidence within the recruitment processes of graduate schemes I applied for.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those seeking to be in control of their own development. I found it really motivating knowing that I had someone there to support me, and provide guidance before I took the next steps into seeking employment.

The careers team is also really approachable, and Robert Coldwell is always available if you have any concerns or just want advice on how to get the most out of this experience.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Rafaela Bartley

Harrison Gilkes, studying BA (Hons) Business and Finance.
Mentee to a Corporate Finance Analyst.Harrison Gilkes

‘My Mentor gave me a great insight into the working world and the demands placed on students when they graduate. He gave me some great tools and guidance as to how I can ensure I stand out from the rest of my competitors.

The mentor programme is a fantastic tool and I cannot understand why more students do not take advantage of it. You gain life understanding from people’s past experiences which prepares you for entering a professional environment.

If people are discouraged by the image that it may add to an already increasing workload, they shouldn’t be; mentors can give techniques to deal with revision amongst other things. I found the formation of my mentoring partnership an enjoyable experience.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Harrison Gilkes

Andrew Thomson, studying BA (Hons) Marketing.Andrew Thomson_2
Matched with Kelly Allison, founder and Managing Director of KVA Digital.

‘One of the most important factors in succeeding in any industry is the ability to network. The mentoring scheme is an amazing opportunity to do that. It’s wonderful to have someone so experienced in my profession to fall back on with any sort of questions about my course, about work or just my own development.

There genuinely are so many different ways you can use it [mentoring], even if it’s just to get a grip on the coursework. Robert Coldwell was magic in setting me up with a mentor.’

Full ‘Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Andrew Thomson

Emma Wednesday, Textile & Surface Design student.emma-wednesday-portrait-crop

‘It’s been so helpful to have a Bucks graduate to go over my project work before deadlines, help me to prepare presentations, and even just to answer any questions I might have on life after university.

I have also made other industry connections through my mentor, and I’m currently looking into undertaking another internship at some point in the near future, which I would have never come across without the Mentoring Programme.

I would urge all students to get involved in mentoring, whatever course they are on. Who knows what opportunities could come of it!’

Full ‘Internship & Mentoring Experience’ blog post and contact details: Emma Wednesday

Jessica WalkerEvent and Festival Management graduate.Mentor-mentee

“I was really lucky to be able to get the opportunity to be mentored during my final year at Bucks.

By having someone to speak about regarding my search for a job was really helpful. Whether it was reading my CV, interview practice or just a general confidence boost it really helped me secure my job. I would recommend that if you get the opportunity to be mentored take it!”

Mentor-mentee Jude

Jude WindmillBSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology graduate.

“Throughout the year my mentor, Paul Mott, was instrumental in growing my confidence in my own ability and potential. We became good friends and will be keeping in touch beyond the mentoring programme.”