The Bucks Mentoring Programme matches and supports one-to-one relationships between students (the Mentee) and a selected Mentor (a more experience student, graduate or professional).

The Mentors volunteer their time and come from a variety of backgrounds, and are matched based on the industry they work in or the skill-set they have that a Mentee can learn from.

We would greatly appreciate your involvement.

Bucks Mentoring – Profiles and Endorsements

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A few short quotes can be seen below:

Mentee Emma KendallEmma Kendall 1

‘I was actually overwhelmed by how positive and helpful the scheme was.’

‘For me, having a mentor has firstly been amazing to have the opportunity to meet someone I find very inspirational…, and also invaluable to have this external input to my work.’

Simi Hickey1

Mentee Simona Hickey

‘I am being given the encouragement and support I need, and have somebody to talk to when I feel the tasks I’m being given are a bit overwhelming.’

‘If you feel like you are struggling and need somebody to just “be there for you” and need some encouragement and guidance, then having a mentor is the best way forward.’

Mentee Rafaela BartleyRafaela Bartley1
‘This is a fantastic opportunity for those seeking to be in control of their own development. I found it really motivating knowing that I had someone there to support me, and provide guidance before I took the next steps into seeking employment.’

The careers team is also really approachable, and Robert Coldwell is always available if you have any concerns or just want advice on how to get the most out of this experience.’

Mentor Mark HarrisMark Harris

‘The range of help I’ve given has been broad, including presentation skills, improving a CV, interview skills, raising self-confidence, helping a student narrow down the precise facet of their chosen profession on which to focus..’

‘So, what do I get out of it? I get to do what I enjoy doing – imparting a little wisdom, helping young people work out what they want to achieve and how to go about achieving that.’

Mentor Saope SokoSaope Soko LLB, LLM

‘Becoming a mentor is an opportunity to do something amazing and helpful for undergraduates. Graduates often have the best understanding of what it is like to be in a difficult position; perhaps struggling to settle into university or meet their desired grades.’


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