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Robert Collcott – IT Support Assistant Intern

Robert winning an award for outstanding contribution and to promoting The Big Deal in conjunction with his University Microsoft Ambassador Role

Robert winning an award for outstanding contribution and to promoting The Big Deal in conjunction with his University Microsoft Ambassador Role.

Robert Collcott
Zebra Technologies Europe – IT Support Assistant Intern
BSc (Hons) Computing
2014 – 2017


What is involved in your day-to-day work?

Working in the End User Support Team across all Level 2 IT tasks and activities. I am responsible for supporting the day to day activities of the Zebra staff in Europe Middle East and Africa in all sites However more specifically in Bourne End Customer Facing,  Managing Ticket Queues for PC/Desktop Support and Telephone / Mobile Phone support, working with all countries where Zebra staff are located, working with the fellow End User support team members in EMEA. (Located in UK, CZ, France, Netherlands, and South Africa).Duties and tasks have included.

  • Worked closely with Zebra Staff both on the telephone skype and face to face
  • Using the Service Now ticketing system to understand review and resolve user’s issues Incidents tasks requests and problems.
  • Worked closely with the networking team on user issues such as network printers not being able to print and wireless issues
  • Use of Active Directory checking user accounts and admin
  • Image Deployed PC’s for Zebra staff using the Microsoft SSCM toolkit
  • Configuration and delivery of mobile phones to Zebra Staff
  • IT Audits and asset controlling
  • Microsoft Office 365 Licensing administrator and admin to assign the correct licences to users
  • User printing setup administration (setting up of user pins and walking though users how to use.)
  • Maintenance of PC’s both in person and remote support sessions on team viewer
  • Lead Skype headset rollout project both UK Office Remote and all Europe Zebra sites.
  • Data migration of user data from old PC’s to new PC’s
  • Promotion of Microsoft One Drive cloud storage tool and cloud computing general concepts.
  • UPS courier shipping of IT equipment to users when required gathering contact details for shipments etc
What have been your main career achievements to date?

Getting my first job in my main career path that I have always wanted to take. and the fact on my probation appraisal review in my first job I got exceeded expectations on a project which I took the lead on.

How has your qualification from Bucks helped your career?
Robert, busy at work in Zebra Technologies HQ.

Robert, busy at work in Zebra Technologies HQ.

By getting a job at one of the biggest global companies in the world without my degree I would not have stood a chance of getting an interview for the post I hold.

Upon reflection, what skills did your qualification give you that help in your job?

Team work communication computing planning organisational and time management. As have to plan and prioritise how to tackle user issues in order of importance. I also work with a team of fellow technicians and sometimes I need guidance to solve a particular issue so I have to make sure I can work in the team effectively and speak effectively and clearly about the problem I dealing with that I need guidance for.

What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate into your role/industry?

Keep looking around for jobs don’t take the first one you see and start looking early as IT graduate schemes get filled very fast.

Are there any misconceptions about your role/industry that you would like to address?

N/A everything is great as I am gaining experience with lots of different users not just in my office but all over the world.

What advice would you pass on to your first year self?

Have lots of fun on your Bucks journey as it is such a special place and get involved as much as you can with the university and the students union organisation.

Please tell us anything else about you, your time at Bucks, your industry or role that will be of interest.
Robert receiving a special lifetime award from his former primary school.

Robert receiving a special lifetime award from his former primary school.

The unique post and offer of being Microsoft student ambassador champion for my last 2 years at the uni and had many wonderful other posts, such as student ambassador that made me a better rounded individual and team player to prepare me for the world of work.

I will never forget winning the memorable Big Deal Award I won at Students union awards night 2017 for demonstrating the benefits and qualities of student union involvement with regards to Microsoft technologies and IT generally at Bucks. I have the unique honour of getting a special lifetime award from my old primary school for my commitment and favour of building their electronic portal system from scratch this has just been finished and tested out and should launch soon.



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