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Time capsule to mark our 125th anniversary

As part of the University’s 125th anniversary celebrations we will be burying a time capsule at the High Wycombe Campus in April and we are inviting all colleagues, students and graduates to propose items for inclusion.

We have had some brilliant suggestions so far but would like more. It may be something pertinent to your course, or a piece of technology we use now which may be of interest, or maybe photos. Whatever it may be, we would like to hear your suggestions.

Please encourage others you studied with take part so that we are all involved in this landmark occasion for Bucks. Email with your ideas.

The time capsule will be buried at the High Wycombe Campus with a metal plate to commemorate our 125th anniversary.

To put this landmark into context, in the same year:

  • Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera.
  • Edison also patents “transmission of signals electrically” (radio).
  • The first gasoline-powered car debuts in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • London-Paris telephone connection opens.
  • Tchaikovsky is the guest conductor for the opening of Music Hall (Carnegie Hall) in New York.
  • Work on trans-Siberian railway begins.
  • 1st game of basketball, based on rules created by James Naismith, played by students in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Stanford University opens in California.
  • Painter Gauguin leaves Marseille for Tahiti.
  • Boxers Peter Jackson and Jim Corbett fight to a draw in 61(!) rounds.

Born in 1891: Ole Kirk Christiansen (inventor of Lego), Henry Miller, Max Ernst, Cole Porter, Zora Neale Hurston, Erwin Rommel, Otto Dix, Leo Burnett.

We didn’t reach 125 years by only looking back over past glories though! In 2017 there will be many ways our alumni community can shape the university and our students’ futures.

Lets start with the easiest way; stay connected!

LinkedIn  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Increasing the number of connections gives us more influence and helps get other projects and events off the ground.

Some of the most popular ways our graduates directly contribute to the university include:

  • Alumni Mentoring – Pass on tips for sourcing and securing opportunities in your industry, and let our students learn from your experiences.
  • Testimonials – Share how your qualifications and time at Bucks helped shape your career.
  • Sharing Workplace Opportunities – Directly help our students launch their careers by working with us to promote your vacancies.
  • ‘From Bucks to…’ gallery submission, so those following in your career footsteps have a glimpse of what the future could hold for them.

Live briefs, guest lectures, graduate panels, awards, small business start-up funding, enterprise mentoring, and returning to the university to see our students’ performances and degree exhibitions are some of the other activities to enjoy and support in 2017.



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