Class of 2016 Testimonials

Tom Nickson – Partnerships Manager (Technology)

Tom graduated in 2016 and is already making progress in his dream job. He has kindly written about his transition from university to the workplace to give an insight for those in their final year at Bucks.

Tom Nickson
BA (Hons) Business Management
Affiliate Partnerships Manager at VE Interactive

Without the excellent careers advice from Bucks I wouldn’t have got to where I am now, and my qualification gave me a fantastic overall understanding of all aspects of the business world, and prepared me with the necessary tools and attributes for working life at an internationally renowned tech company. The combined advise from my lecturers and the Careers Service was fantastic in preparing me for interviews with potential employers.

My time at Bucks had its ups and downs, and there were occasions when I seriously felt like giving up but I am so glad I didn’t. My third year was by far the best of all three, and I shared a house with three great guys who will be friends of mine for the rest of my life. Overall I feel my third year was much more engaging than the first two. I feel I had grown and developed as a person at this point and the fantastic careers advice presented by the university along with the expert guidance of my lecturers made it a year to remember.

My advice to current students is to be hungry and have a desire to achieve, and this will put you on the right path.

I really discovered who I am and where I want to go in my future in that third year, and I am so thankful to be working in central London in a fast paced and ever changing sector for a world-leading technology company.

I work for VeInteractive, who have won multiple awards and work with organisations such as The British Museum and The Times. My role is to bring in new business and develop relationships within the affiliate space. This involves going to networking events, conducting proposals, and creating forecasts for clients. I got the job through a rigorous assessment day with thirty other highly skilled graduates from universities up and down the country. Myself and three others were taken on, and I passed my probation within three months of starting and have already exceeded my targets.

The assessment day was a very gruelling process and threw me right in at the deep end. The day required us to demonstrate a wide range of skills, and consisted of a range of team tasks and presentations, with a pitch to some of the company’s top Directors at the end of the day as to why I should get the job. Throughout my time at Bucks I had prepared numerous presentations in front of peers and lecturers which really homed in on these skills and prepared me very well for the pitching aspect of the assessment day. The experience of many of the group projects I was involved in throughout my course also helped me to develop my team working skills and paid dividends on the assessment day.

There are lots of opportunities in this sector and career progression is very quick if you work hard. I am already on the path to becoming a senior affiliate partnerships manager by the summer if I keep up my good work.

If this is being read by someone thinking of studying at Bucks New University I would wholeheartedly recommend the university for many different reasons. If you study here you will feel like part of one big family, I don’t think there is any university in the country which prides itself on student involvement more than Bucks. The SU is extremely well run and will make your time at Bucks an unforgettable one. The course is very well structured and will prepare you with the necessary skills to succeed once you leave the university and step out into the world of work. The expert knowledge and guidance from the lecturers here is second to none.

Throw yourself into your studies, and one day you could be also be working with these guys:

Naturally we want to congratulate Tom on his career successes straight out of university, especially as he is working in the heart of London as he had always planned.

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