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Sunny Stuart Winter – Music Industry Blogger

With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, as a concert promoter and European Tour Manager, Sunny undertook a degree at Bucks and became an influential music industry blogger..
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BA (Hons) Music Management & Artist Development
Graduated in 2015


Prior to studying at Bucks, I’d had much experience across different areas of the Music Industry but Bucks lead me down the path of social media and encouraged me to start the blog that has given me so many opportunities and successes. Were it not for my dissertation on Social Media Influence (which you can read in full on my blog:, I probably wouldn’t have gone down the Social Media path. Bucks gave me the inspiration and confidence to aim for the very role I wanted, as well as support, advice and contacts.

My time at Bucks provided me with a well-rounded understanding of all sides of the Music Industry, confidence in my abilities, the understanding of my unique offering and how to sell my skills to potential clients.

Now that I work for myself as a music business blogger my days consist of researching news and potential content, scheduling daily content on social media to encourage engaging conversations, planning blog posts, building and maintaining relationships with brand partners, lots of emails to those within the industry to maintain relationships, and plan press passes for forthcoming industry conferences and events.

Within blogging my career highlights have included being a live guest on BBC News (April 2016) and being nominated twice for UK Blog Awards 2017. I’ve also been invited to International conferences (Web Summit in Lisbon most recently, and with Collision 2017 in New Orleans next year already booked).

Since blogging is still a very new medium I don’t think it’s taken seriously just yet, nor do people realise the opportunities it offers. Since my Music Industry blog is fairly niche, when it comes to suitable content, I’m first in line. My appearance on BBC News discussing the role of Social media on celebrity culture after the passing of Prince only really happened due to my social media following and reputation for the niche I blog within.

Advice to current students

My advice is to get as much experience as you can. Too many students ignore the importance of work experience and contacts but while your degree is exceptionally valuable, you need the experience to develop in your chosen career. I’d also say if you have a passion, if you want to truly succeed, you have to push yourself, believe in yourself, your abilities and your desire to get to where you want to. No one else will do this for you, it’s up to you to be self-motivated and make things happen.

My work experience in Music Publishing (secured through the help of one of the lecturers on my course) became a fully paid role and lead to further opportunities in the industry. I really recommend students to use the experience, contacts and kindness of their lecturers alongside their studies to further their chances of success.

Advice to my first year self 

As a mature student, I think I had a somewhat different University experience but I think I’d probably tell my first year self to lighten up at times. Due to my age, I was pretty obsessive about the work and think I could’ve indulged in my social life a little more (I must be the first person to say that). I have no regrets about my experience because it was everything I wanted it to be but I think I separated myself from many other students due to being older and feeling that I might not be able to relate to them as much as I probably did.

Please feel free to email me at:
(I’m always up for giving advice and talking to current students, and connecting with people across the industry)

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