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Isabelle Jolliffe – Textiles and Surface Design Student – Internship Experience

Don’t miss this opportunity to read about Isabelle’s internship with an internationally renowned textile design company and see some of her (and their) creative work.

What course are you studying?Isabelle Jolliffe_Bucks Textiles 2017
BA(Hons) Textiles and Surface Design, graduating in 2017. 

Which company did you complete your internship with, and what was your role?
I completed my internship with Timorous Beasties. Their brand clients have included Famous Grouse, Nike and Fortnum & Mason. Home accessories include exclusive lines for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Liberty London, and John Lewis, and they have created bespoke work for the V&A boardroom, UK Supreme Court, Wellcome Trust, the Art Institute of Chicago, Christies, Claridges, the Inter-Continental Hotel Group, and Hilton-Waldorf Astoria.

A range of their amazing work can be seen at:

I was helping in the main studio and in the printing studio.

How can we see more of your work and read more about you?
Website    Instagram    ArtsThread    LinkedIn

Isabelle Jolliffe_1

Upon reflection, please tell us about the skills and careers plans your internship helped develop.

During my internship I was putting sample packs together to send off to customers. This was really good as I got to learn about all the different fabrics and wallpapers. I also helped out in the screen printing studio, which was really interesting as I got to see all the different layers being add to the designs. I learnt a huge amount of new screen-printing skills.

I really enjoyed my time at Timorous Beasties, I really liked the way that they had a whole area for screen printing and used a specialist team of people. It would be really nice to work in a studio like that and possibly start my own business one day.

Isabelle Jolliffe_4 Isabelle Jolliffe_3

What advice would you give to a student who is about to undertake an internship?
Take every opportunity you can to secure an internship.
If you are doing an internship where you have to stay away from home, ask for some ideas where to stay and get up there a day early so you can plan your journey to your place of work.
Ask lots of questions when there, whether it is because you are not sure about something or just out of curiosity.

Isabelle Jolliffe_combined

How did you find/get offered the internship?
The London Showroom Manager, Kate Mitchell, came to Bucks New University to talk to us about the business as part of our careers week programme. I found the company and their designs really interesting. She said they were looking for interns so I emailed them and arranged it from there.

What further career opportunities are you seeking?
Since working at Timorous Beasties I have completed a second fantastic internship at Custhom. I worked closely with the studio manager, helping with a variety of tasks in the studio.

From these experiences I’m now thinking about doing a MA, and I will be looking for a career path as a print designer in interiors. These two experiences have helped me to better understand the industry, which is great for my confidence and professional prospects heading into my final year at Bucks.

A thank you.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the company for a great experience, I felt very welcome and it was a lovely environment to work in. I really enjoyed my time with you all and learning all about the fabrics and seeing first hand how your create such amazing designs.

Please click on any of these images to go to the Timorous Beasties website, to read more about their worldwide collaborations and innovative techniques, and to see the full range of truly stunning work.

Timorous Beastie_Combined

A message from Bucks New University Alumni Service:
Thank you for the wonderful contribution Isabelle, and congratulations from us all on working for such a prestigious company.

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    A wonderful insight into the benefits of work experienceIin preparation for your career ahead.
    This is invaluable for your exciting graduating year ahead too.

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