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Zoe Moorton – Mentoring Experience

Bucks Mentors are usually alumni or professionals who want to ‘give something back’, but current students of a certain calibre are encouraged to mentor as well. Zoe is one such student, and she has kindly written about her experience for us.

Zoe MoortonZoeMoorton_Photo
Studying: BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects
Graduating: 2017
Mentor to a student on the same course.

What have you and your Mentee focused on this year?
The Mentee I worked with was new to both the university and England! He was entering straight into the second year, with English as his second language. We would meet up almost every week to make sure he understood everything that the lecturers had gone through and sometimes we would literally just chat about life.

I wanted my Mentee to feel like he had someone to talk to when he needed it and I really hope that it helped him settle into Bucks easier.

What have you achieved or learnt through being a Mentor?
As a Mentor, I built a really good friendship with my Mentee. It was always rewarding when he would understand something that I had broken down for him that he had struggled with in class. The conversations we had were a great break between studies for both of us and in return he taught me loads about the industry too!

Would you encourage other students to become Mentors?
It can be quite daunting volunteering to become a mentor when you are a student but I would highly recommend the program to students who feel like they can contribute some time and effort.

It isn’t always easy being a student and sometimes it’s just nice when there is someone else who is experiencing similar struggles to support you; and it was nice to act as that support for my Mentee.

If students don’t feel they could become a Mentor then I would strongly encourage them to apply to be a Mentee; to build confidence and learn more about their course and profession.

What career opportunities are you seeking?
The career goals I am hoping for now are mostly art based; I am dying to work in pre-production with story-boarding and concept art for games or movies. However, there are so many great learning opportunities in this industry that I would love to be a part of anything where I can develop my skills or learn brand new ones. Programming has become something I have really started to get interested in too, so an opportunity to learn how to write code would be ideal.


What other programmes or work are you involved in around the university?
Aside from my course, I compete on the University Volleyball team and have just been handed over the Chair position for next season – I am also starting my training in September to become the Higher Education Volleyball Officer.

On top of this I am the Secretary for the Yoga Society and I work at the university as a Student Ambassador.

Last year, with the Student Ambassador role, I was able to go to a local school and mentor a group of GCSE students which was a lot of fun!

Where can we see more of your creative work? 
My art portfolio can be viewed at:


The Bucks Mentoring Programme matches and supports one-to-one relationships between students (the Mentee) and a selected Mentor (a more experience student, graduate or professional).

Our Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, and are matched based on the industry they work in or the skill set they have that a Mentee can learn from.

From these links you can read more about the experiences of the Mentees and Mentors, or go onto the university website to see more about the programme and to download an application form to volunteer your services: Bucks New University Mentoring Programme

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