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Harrison Gilkes – Mentee Experience

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Harrison, a young man with a strong drive to succeed but who is also happy to volunteer his time and energy to help other students.

Harrison has been a Mentee this year but will be mentoring a 1st year during the 2016-17 academic year.

Harrison GilkesHarrison Gilkes
Studying: BA (Hons) Business and Finance
Graduating: 2018
Mentee to a Corporate Finance Analyst Shoeb Salam

What have you learnt through having a Mentor?
Shoeb gave me a great insight into the working world and the demands placed on students when they graduate.

He gave me some great tools and guidance as to how I can ensure I stand out from the rest of my competitors. Strategies to secure internships through the practice of psychometric testing was a major learning point and my Mentor provided resources to improve these required skills.

Shoeb has been fantastic, while juggling a busy work schedule he has still managed to find time to keep in frequent contact. It is a first hand insight into the work required to be successful and is something I am trying to employ myself; reflecting on my grades at University where I am predicted a 1st in my 1st year.

Thank you again, and I hope we can continue this prosperous partnership.

Why should students join the Bucks Mentoring Programme?
The mentor programme is a fantastic tool and I cannot understand why more students do not take advantage of it. You gain life understanding from people’s past experiences which prepares you for entering a professional environment.

If people are discouraged by the image that it may add to an already increasing workload, they shouldn’t be; mentors can give techniques to deal with revision amongst other things. I found the formation of my mentoring partnership an enjoyable experience.

Next year I have a desire to be a mentor for new students due to my acquired knowledge and experience which I feel compelled to pass on.

I cannot find fault with the aspects of the programme which I have experienced so far. With such schemes communication is vital and this has been maintained throughout.

Delighted I signed up to be a Mentor and also became a Mentee.

What career opportunities are you seeking?
A career in banking! I understand the highly competitive atmosphere which this environment involves, nevertheless, it is matched with my work ethic, talent and passion.

I am searching for an internship to teach me more about the sector and the financial markets.

And Shoeb Salam’s response:
I am genuinely impressed with Harrison’s dedication and ability to think long term. He still has a long way to go but he has the right attitude to reach his goal. I wish him the very best.

The mentoring programme is a fantastic effort to ensure that students are not just gaining an academic qualification but also to planning ahead, learning about networking and getting the right guidance to work with someone who may have gone through a similar process. The mentoring team is very helpful and pro-active, I hope many more future students benefit from this.

Thank you Harrison for sharing your insights and experience with us.
The Bucks Mentoring Programme matches and supports one-to-one relationships between students (the Mentee) and a selected Mentor (a more experience student, graduate or professional).

Our Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, and are matched based on the industry they work in or the skill set they have that a Mentee can learn from.

From these links you can read more about the experiences of the Mentees and Mentors, or go onto the university website to see more about the programme and to download an application form to volunteer your services: Bucks New University Mentoring Programme

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