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Vinnie Sauvan – Designer – Bucks Art & Design Show 2016

Please meet the final year Graphics Arts student who created our wonderful Art & Design Show literature.

Don’t forget, the show is open to the public daily from Saturday 11 June to Thursday 16 June.
Follow developments at: #BucksShow16

But now on to Vinnie (who is seeking further placements in branding or digital based design from June 2016)…

Vinne Sauvan Portrait Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan3_crop

LinkedIn             www.vincentsauvan.co.uk

Bucks Art&Design Show 2016_2

How did the commission come about?
A team of academic and PSE staff set an original brief which was open to all graphic design students. We then had to pitch our ideas to senior members of the university staff.

Please explain the inspiration behind the artwork.
The idea came from the diversity of the courses exhibiting at the Art & Design Show, represented through form, three dimensions, and colour.
Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan2Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan1









I also had to keep in mind the design needed to be adaptable enough to work across various formats and for different audiences.

The range of designs I produced included:

An A5 brochure, hard and soft copy general invitations (VIP and other), web page and banner, different posters for the lobby, link bridge and main reception area, map signs, exhibition display signs for each exhibition area, thank you cards, TV screen banner, general campus map and T-shirts.

What was the biggest challenge?
Balancing my time wisely between this commission, work placements, and my final year project work. 

Now I can’t wait for the show to begin, I’m excited to meet some alumni of the university, potential employers, and the general public.

It has been such a pleasure to contribute my time and designs.  Working alongside staff from across the university has been fascinating, and has placed my three years here into a different context.

What professional graphic art/design experience did you already have?
I’ve been really grateful for the experiences I’ve had. It started in 2nd year where I won a competition to create a book cover for an Intellect Ltd ‘Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education’ journal (see images below). From then I got myself a summer placement going into 3rd year at a creative marketing communications company called Veuphonic.

I also managed to secure a placement at Mercedes Formula One Team, which was great fun!

In my 3rd year I managed to go on a 2 month placement at digital design studio within Interactive Schools, which was a fantastic learning experience.

Would you encourage other students to compete in this (and other) competitions?
I would really recommend future students to take this project on. You gain so many skills along the way, plus it’s a great portfolio piece to have. Not only that it’s a great way to network with other professionals.   

What has been your impression of the course as a whole?
The entire three years of the Graphic Arts course has been amazing and the tutors have been great support. You get really good contact time with the tutors and excellent feedback. The studio space is very inviting; there’s always a creative buzz.  I would definitely redo the 3 years again!

A few words about Vinnie from Mark Hudson,
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Design, Media & Management

‘Vinnie has prepared a highly professional design response, drawing on a range of skills, and devising a visual system encompassing the breadth shown in the range of Bucks design courses. Previously this role has been undertaken as a pair but Vinnie has tackled all aspects solo and with great aplomb. His professionalism in meeting a series of tight production deadlines represents the type of resource that staff would expect from third year Graphics students, and his chosen design is just one of several viable options he devised, including alternative promotional strategies that will not be used but would add great depth to his portfolio.’

See more of Vinnie’s work below and at: www.vincentsauvan.co.uk  and contact him at: LinkedIn

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan4

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan5

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan9

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan10

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan8

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan18

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan17 Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan16

..and a sketchbook image we forced Vinnie to share:

Bucks New University_Vinnie Sauvan15

Thank you for your contribution to this blog Vinnie, it has been a pleasure working with you and I know that all of the staff involved in the Art & Design show appreciate your creativity, professionalism, and that they all wish you well now that your course has come to an end(!).

Katie Collins, Faculty Operations Manager and Art & Design Show co-ordinator wanted to personally add:

‘This project is normally undertaken by a pair of students but Vinnie has done this solo so it’s an amazing achievement to produce a consistent brand across all the required literature – especially when balancing everything else demanded of a final year student.’

Bucks Art&Design Show 2016_2

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