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Ravi Ahluwalia – Data Privacy Analyst

Ravi kindly came back to Bucks New University as part of a ‘Life After Graduation’ event hosted by the Law Department. He advised those in attendance about the need to be resilient to find your own career pathway, and has kindly provided the following for our readers.

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Ravi Ahluwalia, Data Privacy Analyst, EU.
LLB (HONS) Law graduate, Class of 2010.

Who do you work for, and what is your role?
I’m an in-house legal professional (non-lawyer) working in data protection for a global Israeli based pharmaceutical company as a Data Privacy Analyst, specialising in EU and global data protection.

What is involved in your day-to-day work?
Analysing EU data protection laws for EU member states, registering my companies use of personal data to local Data Protection Authorities across the globe, analysing data protection queries from different business units, researching into different aspects of data protection (e.g. cookie and web policies, consents to processing of personal and sensitive data), advising of processing of patient sensitive data for clinical trials and drug studies, and advising on data transfers to countries not recognised as adequate according to the EU Commission.

What have been your main career achievements to date?
Working in an area of law I am truly passionate about, and being seen as a specialist in an area of law many are not familiar with (including lawyers!).

How has your qualification from Bucks helped your career?
Without my law degree from Bucks I wouldn’t be where I am right now. My Bucks law degree has helped me gain my career.

Specific skills acquired included research and analysis, which I rely on in my day-to-day work.

What advice would you give to a student who is about to graduate into your role/industry?
Be prepared to do a lot of reading, research and analysis– it’s really interesting!

Are there any misconceptions about your role/industry that you would like to address?
A lot of people assume Pharmaceuticals is boring and uninteresting, but it has helped me gain my career and develop a lot of skills.

The industry I work in is truly amazing and I have learnt so much and continuing to grow, learn and develop each day. I did not study Medical Law and Ethics during my final year, but everything in my law degree has helped me get to where I am right now.

I would recommend the pharmaceuticals industry to any Bucks student as I have learnt so much, and doubt I would be in data protection if I was in a different industry.

What advice would you pass on to your first year self?
Even though you may have no idea what you want to do after graduation, something will come along which you can truly enjoy and be passionate about. It takes time and perseverance, but all the hard work pays off in the end.

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