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Unplanned Events in Career Progression

The Alumni Service is working alongside Dr Matthew Smith from Bucks Department of Psychology to collect interesting stories regarding the role of unplanned events in career progression.

These might include chance meetings, being in the right place at the right time, events considered good or bad luck, and so on.

Psychology graduates may be especially interested in this, but it is open to all.


Please email to get involved.

Please note that the answers will NOT be shared on this blog unless a follow up interview is agreed, as with the example below kindly provided by Suneeta Dohil.

Further Acknowledgements:
Filmed and edited by BA (Hons) Film & Television ‘Class of 2016’ Graduate Lee Thorneycroft.
Research Assistant and current Bucks Psychology student Kathryn Coulston.

Robert Coldwell.
Alumni Relations and Mentoring Coordinator.
Buckinghamshire New University
Alumni LinkedIn Group


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