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‘From Bucks To…’ Photography Project

Would you like to contribute to our gallery of graduate workplaces, to show our students what the future can hold for them?

Simply share images via @bucksalumni on these platforms: Facebook  |  Twitter  | LinkedIn
or email us at

We want to see the view of and from the skyscraper you work in, the interior of your design or music studio, from a stage looking out to your audience, the view from your cockpit, beautiful/interesting locations your work has taken you to, unusual or iconic settings.

Palm Tower_of and from
Christopher Wells, View of and from Palm Tower, Qatar
Chelsea vs Porto Champions LeagueLuke Somers, Chelsea vs Porto, Champions League 2015
Vieilles_Charrues_Festival.JPGConor Byrne,Les Vieilles Charrues
instagram.com_essroux_Skycraper instagram.com_essroux_Traffic instagram.com_essroux_Great Wall instagram.com_essroux_LA instagram.com_essroux_Flight instagram.com_essroux_F1 instagram.com_essroux_F1 part3 instagram.com_essroux_F1 part2 instagram.com_essroux_City
Stephan Roux, China, Hong Kong, LA  Instagram
LereaseSweeney_Malaga LereaseSweeney_London LereaseSweeney_LA LereaseSweeney_Hotel LereaseSweeney_EventsManagment LereaseSweeney_Dubai2 LereaseSweeney_Dubai LereaseSweeney_Cuba2 LereaseSweeney_Cuba1 LereaseSweeney_CofW LereaseSweeney_ATL LereaseSweeney
Lerease Sweeny, London, Dubai, Cuba, Malaga, LA  Instagram

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