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Simona Hickey – Mentee Experience

Simona Hickey (known as Simi).Simi Hickey1
Studying: BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) – Graduating in 2017.
Mentee, matched with MSc Social Work ‘Class of 2015′ Alumni
Teresa Morris

What have you gained through having a Mentor?
I am being given the encouragement and support I need, and have somebody to talk to when I feel the tasks I’m being given are a bit overwhelming. Teresa and I meet on a monthly basis, with text messages and emails in between and Teresa kindly agreed that I could practice my presentations with her, ask for feedback on my assignments and mainly have her as a moral support. 

Would you recommend other students join the programme?Simi Hickey2 Uniform Photo
If you feel like you are struggling and need somebody to just “be there for you” and need some encouragement and guidance, then having a mentor is the best way forward.

I have only known my mentor for a few months now but I can sense a great relationship developing.

What career opportunities are you seeking?
I would very much love to work with the elderly, especially those effected with dementia as I feel very passionate about supporting those suffering with this very sad and cruel disease, both the effected patients and also their families and loved ones.

I wish to do really well in my last year as I feel as if I will make a great nurse once I qualify, and I am being told this on daily basis by the nurses I work with during my placements, and by the patients who are in my opinion the best people to give feedback on my progress.

Since writing the article Simi has secured a job for when she graduates in six months time; Band 5 staff nurse position for a Cardiothoracic Rotation Programme.

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