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Graduation Testimonial – Lydia McFadden

Name: Lydia McFadden.Graduation Fri 11 Sep PM 296
Graduated: 2015.
Course Studied: DipHe Operating Department Practice.  

Why did you choose Bucks New University to study this course?
Applying for University as a mature student can be somewhat daunting, especially when you’re applying for a course which will result in a complete change in career.

From the beginning the team at Bucks were very friendly and welcoming. The lecturers are very enthusiastic about their topic; this was clear to see on the open day I attended, and any fears about being a mature student were quickly dismissed. A change of career path into healthcare has been a positive transition. Although challenging at times, I could not ask for a more rewarding career.

What are your fondest memories/What was the best thing about studying this course?
One of the highlights of this course is the friendship the students develop. As we have a relatively small cohort, all of the students know each other very well, and are always supportive of individual achievements. Over the course of two years we have developed a close knit support group, which will continue to exist well into our new careers.

Where were your placements? What positive experiences/learning did you take away?
My placements took place at Frimley Health NHS Trust. This dedicated team made an outstanding contribution to creating a supportive working environment. The theatre team were all very friendly and knowledgeable, and I am very proud to say I trained at Frimley Health NHS Trust.

What are your plans/the next steps after graduating?
Now I’m a fully qualified Operating Department Practitioner, I will be starting my career in Southmead Hospital in Bristol. I will be having a dual role within the theatre environment, working in both Anaesthetics and Scrub. This next step in my career will be a challenge and will test my skills, but already I have had compliments on the high standard of my training.

Any other comments you would like to make about your time spent at Bucks New University? Graduation Fri 11 Sep PM 298
I’d just like to thank everyone at Bucks who has helped me over the last two years – especially the lecturers and other students in my cohort!

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