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This blog has been created to;

  • act as a platform for alumni relations work undertaken across the university,
  • showcase alumni successes,
  • ensure current students and recent graduates are being seen by as many of our alumni and employer contacts as possible,
  • increase the number of employment vacancies advertised to our students,
  • inspire our current students to be ambitious and fulfil their potential,
  • allow industry experts (as guest bloggers) to directly advise our students,
  • promote the ongoing work of the university and its courses,
  • link to our archive of photographs (see the bottom of this and all pages).

Some advice for sharing and using the blog can be found below under the following headings:

1.  Promoting the blog to Alumni.
2.  Promoting the blog to Students.
3. Promoting the blog to Employers.
4/5. Staff Contributions.
6. News stories.
7. Contact Details

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1)  Promoting the blog to Alumni
The easiest way to promote and produce content for this blog is simply to send the link to your alumni contacts, politely persuading them to contribute a Testimonial and/or images to the ‘From Bucks to…’ photography gallery to inspire our current students. They will be able find the purpose, methods and submission details from the home page.  Suggesting they join the Alumni LinkedIn Group would also be of great benefit.

We promote individual blog articles each week via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook:
@BucksAlumni to connect and share, comment or like to increase the readership.

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2)  Promoting the blog to Students
Within the blog there is a separate guide for Student Use, and I would encourage you to send it to your students.

It includes an ‘Internship Experience’ template, so we as a university can start capturing these essential building blocks in our students’ careers, ensure the employer is thanked for providing the opportunity, and so the student can promote themselves and their career plans to alumni and other employers. Our Textile & Surface Design students have been leading the way on this project.

That page also demonstrates how students can learn from alumni, both through viewing the testimonials within this blog and by using LinkedIn.
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3)  Promoting the blog to Employers
Naturally potential employers have their own landing page, please do share when appropriate:
Advertising Vacancies to Students and Alumni

LinkedIn Blog Banner64)  Staff Contributions
Please feel free to use this blog to:

  • discuss the ways by which alumni can specifically inspire and advise your students and recent graduates,
  • mention past alumni related events/activities your team have organised, as examples of ways alumni can get involved in your work in the future (live briefs, graduate panels, workplace visits etc.),
  • outline the type of graduate level opportunities (internships and full-time) that will be perfect for alumni/employers to advertise via the Careers Service,
  • introduce your social media platforms.

Please use this template to save a little time and effort:
Staff_Blog Contribution Form
An example of a completed blog post can be seen here:
Advertising Marketing PR

LinkedIn Blog Banner45)  Further suggestions for blog posts:

  • Invitations to events (one off events, or annual degree shows).
  • Provide a showcase and links to your students online portfolios.
  • Introductions and links to promotional material  (i.e. Degree Show brochures, Enterprise Month posters, Postgraduate Course flyers, alumni related SU Event guides).
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6)  News stories involving alumni should still be sent to one of our PR Managers:

S&H: Louise Harvey, ext. 5119  louise.harvey@bucks.ac.uk
DMM: Dean Valler, ext. 1636   dean.valler@bucks.ac.uk
Once they have assessed the best place for the story (university website, press, journals etc.) and performed their magic they will then share the finished article with me to promote it more widely.

LinkedIn Blog Banner77)  Contact Details
Please contact me for more information or to request a meeting regarding how you, your colleagues, alumni and students can use this blog, or to discuss working alongside the Alumni Service on other projects.

Robert Coldwell.
Alumni Relations and Mentoring Coordinator
Buckinghamshire New University
High Wycombe Campus, HP11 2JZ
Careers Office  N1.12
01494 60 5027
Alumni LinkedIn Group


‘From Bucks to..’ images used on this page were provided by:
Stephan RouxConor Byrne, Kayleigh Dougan, Christopher Wells, and Luke Somers


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